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Je l'All Non-Silicone Je l'aime Non-Silicon Shampoo & Treatment

Moisturizing care for scalp and hair.

~For those who believe that scalp care is as important as hair care~

  1. All Non-Silicone Formulation that completely cleans both scamp and hair.

    All Non-Silicone Je l'aime features both shampoo and treatment products with a non-silicone formulation. While caring for your scalp and hair, provides deeply penetrating restorative and moisturizing effects.

  2. Brings complete and thorough moisture to scalp and hair through the power of plants.

    Formulated with moisturizers from beautifully appealing flowers and juicy fruit. Fills hair to the core with gentle moisture.

  3. Protecting hair from everyday damage

    Highly adhesive hyaluronic acid Penetrating multi-functional capsules Natural amino acid derivatives

  4. A carefully selected fragrance using rich natural ingredients.

    Enjoy a captivating fragrance with every bounce of your hair.

Deep Moist 〜Makes even stiff and tangles hair smooth and moisturized, from scalp to tip(Formulated with moisturizers from flowers and fruit)〜

※ types of flower essences, rose water, 3 types of fruit oil, PG

Fragrance of red flowers and fruit, sparkling with femininity TOP NOTE:Citrus, Marine, Fruity / MIDDLE NOTE:Floral / END NOTE:Woody Musk, Amber, Vanill

Color damage care ingredients (moisturizer). Also cares for dyed hair. Color keep ingredients, gloss veil ingredients, PG

  • Shampoo(Bottle / 500mL, Refill / 400mL):A soft lather brings your fully moisturized and comfortable hair

  • Treatment(Bottle / 500mL, Refill / 400mL):Packed with rich moisture, bringing you glossy and smooth hair

  • Trial Set(Shampoo 10mL + Treatment 10mL):A set containing one use each of shampoo and treatment

  • Je l'aime Relax
  • Je l'aime FULVOS
  • Je l'aime Amino
  • Je l'aime

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