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Je l'All Non-Silicone Je l'aime Non-Silicon Shampoo & Treatment

Moisturizing care for scalp and hair.

~For those who believe that scalp care is as important as hair care~

Deep Moist 〜Makes even stiff and tangles hair smooth and moisturized, from scalp to tip(Formulated with moisturizers from flowers and fruit)〜

※ types of flower essences, rose water, 3 types of fruit oil, PG

Fragrance of red flowers and fruit, sparkling with femininity TOP NOTE:Citrus, Marine, Fruity / MIDDLE NOTE:Floral / END NOTE:Woody Musk, Amber, Vanill

Color damage care ingredients (moisturizer). Also cares for dyed hair. Color keep ingredients, gloss veil ingredients, PG

  • Shampoo(Bottle / 500mL, Refill / 400mL):A soft lather brings your fully moisturized and comfortable hair

  • Treatment(Bottle / 500mL, Refill / 400mL):Packed with rich moisture, bringing you glossy and smooth hair

  • Trial Set(Shampoo 10mL + Treatment 10mL):A set containing one use each of shampoo and treatment

  • Je l'aime Relax
  • Je l'aime FULVOS
  • Je l'aime Amino
  • Je l'aime

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